Is your life full of achievement? Pause your life back to shape!

In addition to school or work and rest, there should be breathing space in our life. These moments are important for our coping. Free time, at its best, brings joy and energy to our life.

Divide the rhythm of your day

During the 24 hours, there should be sufficiently rest, work and free time. A good rule of thumb is to divide the day in three parts:

  • one third is reserved for sleeping
  • one third is reserved for work and studying
  • one third is reserved for relaxation.

Relax by doing what you like

You can and you must do what you enjoy during the final third part. Meet your friends, spend time with your favourite hobby, exercise or give yourself the permission to enjoy a movie on a couch with snacks.

Watch the video for the tips of the psychotherapist on how to have a correct rhythm in your every-day life! (in finnish)

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