Fitness sport – listen to yourself

Fitness means working out at the gym, eating healthily and trying to obtain a certain look. As for exercise, fitness is OK, as long as you do not take it to the extremes.

Too much is too much, even with fitness

It is an extreme sport, and fitness can lead to different disturbance conditions and be harmful, especially to a young person who is still in the middle of her biologic development. Excess training and dieting can lead to menstrual cycle disruptions, lower bone mineral density and, in the long term, infertility. Even in this sport, it is good to remember moderation in everything and to listen to yourself.

´Do we work out because it makes us feel good and it helps us stay healthy, or because we are unsatisfied with something in ourselves?’ – Pippa Laukka, doctor in sports and exercise medicine, in her book ‘Liiku ja urheile terveenä’ (Healthy sport and exercise).

Video about fitness sport (in finnish)

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