Removing a harmless mole

When to get a mole removed?

Moles in the areas of the skin, where there is a lot of abrasion are often a cause for concern when the mole breaks or gets irritated. Moles in these situations are removed for comfortability reasons, but the abrasion doesn't form a cancer risk. Most often these moles are even hidden away from the sun, for example in the bends of the arms.

For many, moles and skin tumors on the face often cause esthetical issues and are bothering due to their big size or itching. People often come to my office due to these reasons, tells Jussi Rintamäki, a plastic surgeon working in Mehiläinen in Jyväskylä.

- As the mole changes, grows or leaks, it is important, that it isn't left to be, but is removed, Rintamäki reminds.

A raised mole and a black mole

Another mole type, which raises concerns is "raised moles", which are pigmented moles, that are elevated and raised from the skin and occur especially on the face or the body. More attention should be payed to the moles, that are on skin level, are dark and maybe even small. 70 to 80% of melanomas occur on healthy skin. So, a new mole, that differs considerably from the rest.

Dermatologist removes moles

The doctor will remove the skin changes in local anesthesia and the removed part will be sent to the pathologist for analysing and ruling cancer out. A piece of tape will be put on top of the cutting wound, as it will protect the wound and prevent the scar from thickening.

When you want to discuss removing a mole, contact a dermatologist or discuss it with your occupational physician for example.

Removing a mole from the face

When a mole is removed from the face the procedure is usually done by a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon or a dermatologist can evaluate the best way to remove to mole, so that it won't leave a scar on the face.

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