Do you want your patient information?

If you want, you can get your patient information from Mehiläinen’s doctor and diagnostics services. Patient information includes, for example, patient records from doctors’ appointments and diagnostic images such as x-rays taken at Mehiläinen.

Patient information and examination results in our digital service

OmaMehiläinen is the quickest and easiest way to check your patient information and information about your examinations.

In the OmaMehiläinen digital service  or our free mobile application, you can see records related to your visits to Mehiläinen, examination results and x-ray and MRI images. Almost all information about your visits is available in OmaMehiläinen. You can also print your patient records and examination results through OmaMehiläinen. You can log into OmaMehiläinen by identifying yourself with your online banking credentials at  or by downloading the OmaMehiläinen application to your mobile device andlogging in. You can download the free mobile application from the App Store  or Google Play .

In OmaMehiläinen, you can also view your other health information, book a doctor’s appointment or visit a doctor through the Digital clinic to renew a prescription.

Ordering and receiving patient information

If you want your patient records or images on paper, do the following

1. Print the order form for patient information from our website or request it at our clinic.

2. Fill in the form and hand it in at any Mehiläinen clinic (see Mehiläinen locations here). For reasons related to data security, we are not able to accept order forms sent electronically, for example by e-mail.

3. When bringing in your order form, you should also bring a photo ID. This way, we can verify your identity and ensure data security for all of our clients. The following documents can be used to verify identity:

  • Passport (issued by a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or an authority in San Marino)
  • ID card with a photo (ID card that is acceptable as a travel document, ID card for a minor, ID card for a foreign national or temporary ID card)
  • Driver’s licence (issued by a Finnish authority)
  • Kela card with a photo
  • Alien’s passport or travel documents for a refugee, where the identity of the holder has been verified and which has been granted by a Finnish authority

4. We will send you the information by post within 1–2 weeks.