Dental and oral health Digital Clinic

Hammas Mehiläinen Digiklinikka

Our experienced oral health specialists offer quick assistance every day of the year. Your questions will be answered by the dentists, dental hygienists and dental nurses of Hammas Mehiläinen.

Our oral health experts are available every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

How to use Digital Clinic

1. Log in to the OmaMehiläinen online service or the OmaMehiläinen application (download the application for iPhones  or Android phones ).


2. Open Digital Clinic in OmaMehiläinen
3. Start a chat by selecting Dental and oral health
If you use the application, you will receive a notification once your message has been replied to.

When should you contact the dental and oral health Digital Clinic?

Digital Clinic is available in all matters concerning oral health. We will provide you with valuable tips, self-care instructions and further treatment recommendations for various situations, such as:
• Acute, sudden and exceptional dental, gum or oral problems (including pain)
• Self-care instructions on how to prevent gingivitis and the development of caries
• The dental care process (e.g. when to make a dental check-up appointment or an appointment with a dental hygienist, what will happen at the appointment, etc.)
• Assessment of the need for dental care (e.g. toothache and chipped teeth)
• Different treatment alternatives and their costs and fees
• Cosmetic dental care alternatives
• How to manage dental fear
• Choosing the right dentist
• Questions related to booking an appointment
• Prescription of symptomatic medications
• Renewal of oral health prescriptions

Fees and invoicing

The fee for remote Digital Clinic appointments with oral health experts (dentist, dental hygienist or dental nurse) for private customers is EUR 39.90/discussion.
The services will be charged to your card and you will receive a receipt by e-mail.

All chats held in Digital Clinic can be found in OmaMehiläinen afterwards. This ensures that all information concerning you and your family members can be found in a single location – both in Finland and abroad.

We are happy to help in all matters concerning your dental and oral health!