The OmaMehiläinen service is raising plenty of interest – there are already more than 10,000 registered users

At the end of August, health-care and social-services provider Mehiläinen launched the new OmaMehiläinen online service for its customers. In slightly less than two months, more than 10,000 people have registered as users of the new service. The number of users is even greater when one includes children and other family members linked to users’ family profile. OmaMehiläinen has received a lot of praise for its ease of use and reliability and for the visit history being visible from, in some cases, more than 10 years.

With the launch of the OmaMehiläinen service at the end of August, Mehiläinen customers became able to view their health history online, regardless of time and place. The service also provides an easy way of storing diagnoses, laboratory and imaging examination results, and medical prescriptions received during visits to other health-care provider’s clinics. This information is then available also to Mehiläinen physicians and other medical staff should they need it, if the customer has allowed the viewing of this information and it has been agreed upon during an appointment at Mehiläinen. One doesn’t even have to be a Mehiläinen customer to use the unique OmaMehiläinen service – for example, users can store their vaccination information and blood-pressure and weight-management monitoring data in the service.

The launch of the OmaMehiläinen service contributes to reaching Mehiläinen's goal of exceeding our customers' expectations with all our services and being an active participant in the development of online services and information systems in the health sector. More than 10,000 people registering in less than two months is a strong statement that a service such as OmaMehiläinen has been needed to bring more transparency between the customer and the medical staff. Also the implementation of the service as part of monitoring of personal well-being indicates that the service design has been successful. The implementation work proceeded from the idea of considering user needs and improving the customer experience.

There are already more than 10,000 OmaMehiläinen users, and that doesn’t include the children and other family members added to users’ family profiles. In addition to the user's own well-being, the unique family profile aids in monitoring the well-being of children and other family members. With OmaMehiläinen, a child’s guardian can link the child to the family profile and view the visit information if the child is under 12 years of age. The information of a 12-to-17-year-old child can be viewed if the child provides separate consent for this. The guardianship is verified with the Population Register Centre. Connecting other family members to one’s family profile requires the consent of the person to be connected.

The OmaMehiläinen service has received a great deal of praise for its clarity, ease of use, reliability, and usefulness. The service has been received well and will be further developed in co-operation with the customers. One of the elements receiving the greatest praise is the visit history and laboratory test results available in the service, which in some cases go back more than 10 years. This facilitates, for example, the monitoring of cholesterol values over a longer period of time. Also, the customers of Mehiläinen's Working Life Services have been satisfied with the OmaMehiläinen service and the secure channel it provides for communicating with the occupational health team.

The development of the OmaMehiläinen service continues. Next, we will publish presentation videos of the service, which will provide an opportunity to learn more about the service before registration as a user. The service is currently available in Finnish, and additional language versions of the service will be made available to customers at the beginning of 2013.

For more information, please contact:
Johanna Asklöf, Acting VP, Outpatient Clinic and Hospital Services at Mehiläinen Oy, tel. +358 50 445 0502
Anssi Hartiala, Director, Business Development and Imaging Services at Mehiläinen Oy, tel. +358 40 589 9604

OmaMehiläinen is an online service launched by health-care and social-services provider Mehiläinen. The service has been implemented to use strong authentication, with the user logging in with personal online banking credentials and explicitly accepting the service's terms of use. OmaMehiläinen is a cost-free online service that is open to all and allows the user to view his or her visit history at Mehiläinen and also review laboratory test results, vaccination information, and examination referrals. The OmaMehiläinen service enables the linking of family members, such as children, to a family profile. More detailed instructions for use can be found here.

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Published 22.10.2012