Nasal influenza vaccination spray for children

Influenza is always a serious illness and causes unpleasant complications in children, among others. You can reduce the risk of contracting influenza by taking a vaccination, which will also protect your family members and others. Influenza vaccination is included in the national vaccination programme for children, the elderly and many people with chronic illnesses (diabetes, asthma, cardiac diseases). These groups receive the vaccination free of charge at health care centres. Now the influenza vaccination for children and youth can also be administered as a nasal spray.

How does the nasal spray work?

Normally the influenza virus spreads to the respiratory tract and body through the nose. The vaccination to be administered as a nasal spray has been designed to mimic the influenza virus, which is why it is administered as a spray in the nose. After the vaccination, the body starts to develop immunity in the same way as it would when the person contracted influenza naturally. A common adverse effect is temporary stuffiness and runniness of the nose.

An alternative to the traditional infuenza vaccination

As a vaccination method, the nasal spray is simpler than the traditional injected vaccine. For children and those who fear needles, in particular, it provides a more comfortable way to ensure sufficient immunity against influenza. Clinical studies have shown that a nasal spray vaccination reduces influenza among children 30–50 per cent more effectively than traditional influenza vaccines.

The nasal spray influenza vaccination has been carefully studied

The vaccination given as a nasal spray has been carefully studied. Unlike the regular seasonal influenza vaccine, it includes four different virus strains: two influenza B viruses that primarily circulate around the world and two influenza A viruses, including the H1N1 virus. The virus strains selected for vaccines have always been considered extremely carefully in accordance with the recommendations issued by the WHO. In Finland, the vaccine has been approved for individuals of at least 24 months of age and a maximum of 18 years. The studies on which the European-wide approval is based have shown the nasal spray to be a safe and effective vaccine. In the USA, the vaccine has been in use against seasonal influenza since 2003.

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