Therapy packages

When your everyday life, family life, relationships or work do not go as well as you would like them to, Mehiläinen’s therapy packages can help you. Short-term therapy should be sought as early as possible and with a low threshold if you suffer from strain, sleep problems or relationship-related problems, are anxious and unenergetic or need help dealing with a difficult life situation.

The earlier the psychological symptoms are identified and the sooner therapeutic help is received, the better the prognosis for recovery. You can book a therapy appointment without a referral. The appointments are organised as remote or clinic appointments with Mehiläinen’s mental health professional.

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All therapy packages have a clear structure, with the beginning, middle and end phases as separate, important entities, and activities are tailored according to the customer’s needs, resources and abilities. All therapy packages are available as 5-session packages.

Ahdistava arki (Distressing everyday life)

For people who find it difficult to relax, who experience strain, challenges in managing everyday life, occasional stress, anxiety or melancholy.

Nuoruuden kuohunta (Turmoil of youth)

For those aged approximately 15–20 years who have problems with self-esteem, challenges in daily life management, relationships or social situations or suffer from exhaustion, melancholy or anxiety.

Haasteet parisuhteessa tai perheessä (Challenges in intimate relationship or family)

For people who feel stressed in their interpersonal relationships, have challenges related to interaction or want to develop their relationship skills.

Ikävät ihmissuhteet (Troublesome relationships)

For people who feel stressed in their interpersonal relationships or want to develop their relationship skills.

Kohtuuton syöminen tai juominen (Excessive eating or drinking)

For people who manage occasional stress, anxiety or melancholy with comfort eating or alcohol.

Suunta hukassa (Direction is lost)

For people who want to talk with a professional and feel they need support but are unable to identify their problem.

5-session therapy

Who is therapy intended for? People who have a fairly clear idea of what they want to change and who, despite problems, are generally able to function in everyday life and at work. Stress-related sick leave periods, if any, have been less than a week long. The 5-session therapy package provides low-threshold chat service without referral to treat mild to moderate symptoms.

Therapist: A psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or another mental health professional with short-term therapy training.

Price: EUR 109 per session (Northern Finland EUR 99 per session)

5 sessions Once a week remotely or at the clinic. Total duration of therapy 1.5 months.
Weekly homework and exercises
Follow-up meetings 3 months and 6 months after the start of therapy.
Progress of therapy

Identifying the problem: analysing, together with the customer, what is challenging in everyday life and what works well.

Setting a goal: setting a goal together with the customer.

Working together: practising how to implement the changes to everyday life.

Signposts for everyday life: lessons for everyday life and the handling of future problems.