Mental health consultation

Are you worried about your psychological wellbeing or that of a loved one but find it difficult to get help or know where to start? If you are not sure what type of help is needed or who to turn to, a mental health consultation offers you practical advice for taking the next steps in figuring out your situation.

Mental health professional helps you find the right treatment path

A mental health consultation is a low-threshold consultation service where you can safely discuss your situation or that of a loved one with a mental health professional. The mental health consultation is 100% confidential. The goal is to find a treatment path that meets the customer’s needs and helps them take the next steps.

In the consultation, you can discuss your situation and various treatment options with a mental health professional. You will receive advice and guidance on how to select the correct form of therapy or find a therapist, for example. We will also help you access public-sector services, if necessary. The consultation service can also offer psychological first aid in unexpected or upsetting situations.

Content of a mental health consultation

A mental health consultation consists of one telephone appointment or remote appointment. The duration of a consultation appointment is 20 minutes and the price is EUR 29.90.

Book a mental health consultation

You can book a mental health consultation in our online booking system  or by calling our customer service at 010 414 00 (0,084 €/min)

Specialists and locations

Markku Anttonen
LL, psykiatrian erikoislääkäri
Antti Hemmi
Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri
Seppo Hietanen
Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri
Kirsi Hölttä-Koivunen
Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri
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