Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy

Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy is a psychotherapy service based on a psychiatrist’s assessment and granted by Kela for maintaining and rebuilding working and studying ability.

You can be granted Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy if:

  • you are between 16 and 67 years of age
  • your working or studying ability is at risk due to a mental health disorder, such as symptoms of depression or anxiety
  • a psychiatrist has diagnosed your mental health disorder and you have received appropriate treatment for a least three months
  • a psychiatrist assesses you to be in need of rehabilitative psychotherapy to support or improve your working or studying ability

As its name suggests, Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy is rehabilitative and, therefore, an unsuitable form of treatment in a crisis or other acute situation. In acute situations, short-term therapy may be a more appropriate alternative, for example.

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How to apply for Kela-supported therapy

1. Book an appointment with a psychiatrist

If your working or studying ability is at risk due to a mental health disorder, such as symptoms of depression or anxiety, book an appointment with a psychiatrist  .

You can receive Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy if, based on a psychiatrist's statement, it can be determined that a mental health disorder is threatening your working or studying ability and rehabilitative psychotherapy is needed. Assessing and diagnosing the problem may take 1–3 appointments with a psychiatrist.

2. Start a three-month treatment period

Once a psychiatrist has diagnosed a mental health disorder, a three-month monitoring period is started, during which the psychiatrist assesses your need for Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy. During the monitoring period, you will have at least one more appointment with the psychiatrist.

We recommend having all of the appointments with the psychiatrist who diagnosed you. Once the psychiatrist has assessed your situation and determined your need for Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy, they will provide medical certificate B which you will then attach to your Kela application.

3. Select a psychotherapist

The psychiatrist writes a treatment plan in their statement and recommends the type of psychotherapy and psychotherapist best suited for you. All of the psychotherapists at Mehiläinen are qualified to provide Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy.

If you need advice and guidance on how to select the correct form of therapy or find a psychotherapist, for example, book a mental health consultation. A mental health consultation is a low-threshold consultation service where you can confidentially discuss your situation and various treatment options with a mental health professional.

4. Apply for rehabilitative psychotherapy on the Kela website

Once you have finished your three-month treatment period with a psychiatrist, received a diagnosis and medical certificate B and found a suitable, Kela-approved psychotherapist, you can apply for supported rehabilitative psychotherapy on the Kela website .

Starting rehabilitative psychotherapy

You can start your therapy appointments before receiving the Kela decision. The decision is sent to the customer and the therapist about five weeks after submitting the application. Once you have received the decision, you can apply for Kela reimbursement in arrears for psychotherapy appointments that have taken place after the Kela decision.

Kela grants support for rehabilitative psychotherapy for one year at a time. After this, the psychiatrist will review your situation and, if necessary, provide a new medical certificate B for another year of therapy. The maximum time of Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy is three years. A maximum of 80 psychotherapy appointments per year and a total of 200 appointments are reimbursed.

What does Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy cost?

The price for a psychotherapy appointment may vary depending on the psychotherapist and the form of psychotherapy.

At Mehiläinen, the average price for Kela-reimbursed rehabilitative psychotherapy is EUR 109 per appointment (in Northern Finland, EUR 99 per appointment). Kela reimbursement EUR 57.90 per appointment is deducted from the price.

Ask about our psychotherapy prices by contacting our customer service in the online booking system chat   or by calling 010 414 00 (0,084 €/min).

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