Occupational well-being training for corporate executives – Hintsa Performance

Requirements of work, especially for the top corporate management, are constantly increasing. Stress factors related to work, travelling, lack of exercise and sleep, or a poor diet together lower energy levels and reduce productivity. Mehiläinen and Hintsa Performance, created by Aki Hintsa, provide us with a unique and comprehensive service for improving the well-being and performance of Finnish corporate executives.
This individually tailored training programme utilises the methods used e.g. in the training of F1 drivers and, at the same time, it utilises the expertise of the world’s best researchers, experts, and coaches.

  • The purpose of the training programme is to prevent health problems by developing areas that affect physical and mental coping.
  • By monitoring the various areas and by tailoring the training according to individual needs, we can achieve results, which mean that even a small change can significantly improve performance.

This programme enables more and more corporate executives to achieve concrete changes that improve their well-being. Corporate management that copes well at work facilitates for its own part achieve good results and promote the well-being of the personnel as well.

Better life every day – Hintsa’s model for comprehensive well-being

In 1990’s Aki Hintsa – a physician specialised in surgery, orthopaedics, and traumatology – followed closely the life of the successful long-distance runner Haile Gebreselassie. He understood that success is only a by-product of well-being. On the basis of this insight, Hintsa created a philosophy of overall well-being based on medicine and his ideas have later been utilized, for example, by several F1 drivers, top international athletes, and business experts.
He calls his model a “Circle of Success” in which the person’s own identity and inspiration are in the centre. Self-awareness, the meaningfulness of one’s life, and individual goals direct our everyday choices and affect the feeling of control. The core is surrounded by the other areas of well-being: general state of health, sleep, nutrition, activity, biomechanics, and mental energy.

The model emphasises the prevention of health problems and illnesses with our daily ways of life. Studies have shown that people can, with their daily ways of life, avoid about 80% of premature cardiovascular diseases, about 40% of various cancers, and nearly all deaths caused by obesity.

Athletes cannot reach their best performance, if they do not feel well. The same applies to corporate executives, who must achieve results. According to Hintsa’s observations, athletes and corporate executives basically tackle the same challenges in their work. Constant travelling, lack of exercise and sleep, highly demanding decisions, and dedicating oneself to work easily takes up the majority of the resources.

The solution is to return the management of one’s own energy and life and to balance the various areas from the individual starting points. The performance of a person who takes good overall care of himself or herself is significantly increased at work and there is still enough energy for their personal life as well. You can start the change process by answering the following questions: Who are you? What do you want? Are you in control of your own life?

Occupational well-being training for your company?

Could your company offer the management and the key personnel occupational well-being training? Contact Mehiläinen’s experts by phone, by opening the chat discussion, or by filling in the online form. We will tell you more and offer you a solution tailored to your individual needs.