Alcohol and teeth

Alcohol poses also a great threat for your oral health. Acidic and sweet alcoholic beverages are especially detrimental to your oral health. The more frequently you consume sweet and acidic beverages or foods, the more damage there can be for your teeth.

“Sweet and acidic alcoholic beverages cause cavities and tooth erosion. Erosion causes sensitivity and teeth may wear and shorten. Prevention of dental problems is crucial as eroded dental tissue cannot be restored,” says Erkki Virta, Mehiläinen’s Chief Dental Officer.

Cider and wine most detrimental to your teeth

The most harmful alcoholic beverages for your teeth are ciders and wine due to their acidity.

Alcohol dries also your mouth and affects the salivary glands, which reduces saliva production. Dry mouth is exposed to mucosa damage and infections. Yeast infection and mucosa ulcers can also be caused by dry mouth.

In addition to alcoholic beverages, especially energy drinks, soft and light drinks, flavoured mineral water and 100% berry and fruit juices are acidic and contain a lot of sugar, which is challenging for the teeth.

“When thirsty, the best choice is water. Plain mineral water is also a good alternative,” says Virta.

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