Suspecting coronavirus? Read the following instructions

According to current recommendations, anyone experiencing symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus should get tested for COVID-19. If you suspect that you or your family member may have contracted COVID-19, follow these steps.

Quickly to coronavirus testing

  • If you have any symptoms that may indicate a coronavirus infection, contact Digital Clinic.
  • You can also contact Digital Clinic if you need to be tested in order to travel even if you have no symptoms.
  • Once you have been issued with a referral, pick the most suitable coronavirus testing station for you.

Go to the digital clinic

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  • The price of a Digital Clinic appointment is EUR 33.90 (EUR 39.90) after Kela compensation.
  • The price of a Kela-reimbursed PCR test is EUR 149.
  • The price of a Kela-reimbursed antigen test is EUR 129.

In most cases, the test is part of occupational health care services (check with your employer) or covered by a medical expense or travel insurance. Read more about insurance coverage.

Please note: Kela reimbursements are only applied if the tests are performed as part of the treatment of a disease.

Coronavirus test available also without a referral

Some of Mehiläinen’s drive-in testing stations also offer testing without a referral. See the list of our stations here. In such cases, your need for an examination and a referral will be assessed and issued at the station.

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Do your symptoms require visiting a clinic in person?

If your symptoms feel quite severe and you need a doctor’s appointment, you can visit one of our clinics specialised in respiratory tract infections (RTI clinics) where we examine and treat our customers suffering from RTI symptoms separately from our other customers.

Book an appointment for an RTI clinic in our online booking system   or by calling our customer service: 010 414 1848 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min).

If your COVID-19 test result is negative and you continue experiencing symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, your appointment must be handled remotely or at one of the RTI clinics.

Book an appointment

Call customer service (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min)

Please note that if your symptoms are severe and you need urgent help, we recommend contacting the emergency clinic of your area without delay or, in the event of an emergency, calling 112.

Have you been exposed to the coronavirus and want to get tested?

  • If you are informed of exposure and the authorities have ordered you to quarantine, follow the instructions provided to you.
  • If you are self-quarantining due to travel, for example, and you are thinking about getting tested for COVID-19, see the updated THL instructions concerning travel .
  • If you are using Koronavilkku and you receive an exposure alert, you can contact the Digital Clinic for advice. We also recommend reading the Koronavilkku FAQ  page that includes instructions for those exposed to the virus.

If you are Mehiläinen’s occupational health customer and you have been exposed to the coronavirus but are not showing symptoms, you can contact your occupational health nurse or physician and ask them about the need for testing and whether COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic customers is included in your occupational health agreement.

Real-time information about the Digital Clinic and COVID-19 testing:

Questions and answers about COVID-19 and our services

Have you noticed symptoms after booking an appointment?

If you have booked an appointment for a non-urgent matter and you are experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19, you can cancel your appointment and book a new one free of charge. You can easily change your appointment in the OmaMehiläinen service.

If you need to cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before, we recommend postponing your appointment by calling our customer service at 010 414 00 (0,084 €/min).

Our appointments can also be booked as remote appointments if the nature of your health problem allows it. If you are unsure of how to book a remote appointment or change a previously booked appointment into a remote appointment, please contact our customer service at 010 414 00 (0,084 €/min).

If your health problem is urgent and you cannot wait until the symptoms pass, we recommend contacting our customer service so that we can come up with a safe way to organise your appointment.

If you are unsure when to come in to see a nurse or a physician, contact our customer service at 010 414 1848 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min) or go to the chat service in our online booking system .

If you are not experiencing symptoms and have not been ordered to quarantine but you are sure you have been exposed to the coronavirus, we recommend that you postpone your previously booked appointment unless the matter is urgent.

What does a COVID-19 test cost?
  • PCR test EUR 249 (EUR 149 after Kela compensation)
  • Antigen test EUR 165 (EUR 129 after Kela compensation) Note! Not all sampling stations offer antigen tests.
  • Please note that you will only be entitled to Kela compensation if the test is part of the treatment of an illness. For example, Kela does not compensate tests conducted on symptomless customers for travel-related purposes.
Do you need a COVID-19 certificate?

Certificates of negative coronavirus test results can be issued upon request. The price of the certificate is EUR 21.90.

Please note that a negative COVID-19 test result does not release you from quarantine ordered by the authorities or a suspected exposure.

When and how will I know the results of the COVID-19 test?

Your test results will be available in OmaMehiläinen as soon as they are ready. Test results will usually be ready in 1–2 days from the time the sample was taken, also on weekends. Mehiläinen’s Express stations deliver COVID-19 test results in about 6 hours.

If the results are for a minor, please make sure that you have added them to your family profile in OmaMehiläinen so that you can see the results.