If you suspect you might have the coronavirus, read the following instructions

If you suspect you might have the coronavirus, contact Digital Clinic. Start a chat on the channel for respiratory tract symptoms or coronavirus tests.

A Digital Clinic doctor will give you a referral, if needed. Coronavirus tests are only available with a doctor’s referral. Below you can find more information about test options available at Mehiläinen.

The price of a Digital Clinic appointment is EUR 39.90 (EUR 31.90 after Kela compensation)

However, if your symptoms and condition require a visit to a doctor in person, we have established separate respiratory tract infection clinics at Mehiläinen’s medical clinics. At these clinics, we examine and treat patients who are suffering from respiratory tract infections. The clinic’s doctor will give you a referral to a coronavirus test, if needed. Read more about our clinics that specialise in respiratory tract infections.

Our doctors are also available for remote phone or video appointments if your symptoms do not require you to visit the clinic in person. Read more about remote appointments.

When you are ill:

A nasal cavity sample can be taken when you have symptoms that indicate coronavirus infection

  • Find the drive-in testing station closest to you and check its opening hours.
  • Price: Nasal cavity sample: EUR 249 (EUR 193 after Kela compensation), Antigen test: EUR 249 (EUR 213 after Kela compensation)
  • The results will be sent to you in OmaMehiläinen within 1-3 days.
  • If the test result is positive, you will be contacted by phone and given instructions on further treatment and quarantine practices. The price of the further treatment consultation is EUR 38.

Read more about the nasal cavity sample.

When you have recovered from the illness:

An antibody test can be taken when your symptoms have begun at least two weeks ago and ended at least a week ago

  • For customers without symptoms, antibody tests are taken in medical clinic laboratories
  • Price: Antibody test: EUR 92 (EUR 77 after Kela compensation)
  • The test results are usually updated to OmaMehiläinen within 1–3 working days.

Read more about the antibody test.

Mehiläinen publishes a lot of information about testing:

Text last updated on 27 August 2020.