Coronavirus tests at Mehiläinen

Coronavirus tests

How can I access coronavirus tests?

You need a referral in order to be tested for coronavirus infection. Referrals for coronavirus infection tests are issued at Mehiläinen’s Digital Clinic and remote appointments. A doctor will assess your symptoms and issue a referral, if necessary. Referrals are made in accordance with the criteria set by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare . In practice, it is possible to take a sample for a COVID-19 test from all patients who experience symptoms associated with a coronavirus infection or who are suspected of having been exposed to a coronavirus infection on the basis of a doctor’s assessment.

If you need to be tested, even if you have no symptoms—for example, in order to travel—contact Digital Clinic.

In addition to Digital Clinic, it is also possible to have tests done at respiratory tract infection clinics based on a doctor’s assessment and the testing criteria.

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How is a sample for the coronavirus test taken?

The coronavirus test typically involves taking a sample from the patient’s nasopharynx with a flexible cotton swab. A large amount of the virus is present on the mucous membranes, particularly in the early stages of the disease. Samples for the PCR and antigen tests are taken in the same way.

The person taking the sample will ask you to blow your nose before sampling.

Results of the coronavirus test

The PCR test is more sensitive, but getting the results takes longer. PCR test results will be ready in 1–2 days.

The results of the antigen test can, at best, be ready in just a 30 minutes, but the test is less sensitive than the PCR test.

Your test results will be available in OmaMehiläinen as soon as they are ready. Test results will usually be ready in 1–2 days from the time the sample was taken, also at weekends. If the results are for a minor, please make sure that you have added them to your family profile in OmaMehiläinen so that you can see the results. Check the instructions for adding family members to the family profile

A positive result is a highly reliable indicator of infection. However, a negative result does not completely rule out the possibility of infection as the presence of the virus on the mucous membranes varies greatly between individuals and, in addition, the success of the sample collection and the laboratory analysis may influence the result.

Positive test results

You will receive information about a positive corona test result from the OmaMehiläinen app. If you do not have the OmaMehiläinen app, you will receive information about the positive test result via SMS.

Please note that in all municipalities, the tracing or quarantine of the exposed will no longer be carried out. Read more on your hometown website.

Coronavirus tests and their differences

Mehiläinen performs two types of coronavirus tests: PCR tests and antigen tests, also known as “rapid tests”. Both types of tests are performed at all Mehiläinen coronavirus testing stations.

PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction):

  • A PCR test is performed to determine whether the genome of the virus is present on the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.

  • This test is appropriate for both symptomatic and asymptomatic people. The test can be performed at any phase of infection.

  • A PCR test detects the presence of coronavirus more sensitively than an antigen test.

  • The result of the test is available approximately within 1–2 days.

Antigen test, also known as “rapid test”:

  • Can be done if you have symptoms and it has been less than a week since the onset of symptoms.

  • Not as sensitive as a PCR test. An antigen test is faster than a PCR test, with the result available as quickly as within 30 minutes.

  • This test indicates the presence of the surface protein of the virus.

The doctor issuing the referral will determine which type of test is more suitable to you. You do not need to request a specific type of coronavirus test. Both tests are performed in the same way. Please note that, if you need a test result in order to travel, your country of destination or airline may require a specific type of test or certificate.

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Page last updated: 4 Feb 2022.

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