Work counselling

Work counselling creates the prerequisites for reviewing, assessing and developing one’s work in cooperation with an instructor. Work counselling enables people to process any thoughts and emotions related to their role, work and actions in the work community, thus promoting occupational wellbeing and energy levels at work.

In the work counselling process, the objectives of the counselling are agreed upon according to the customer’s needs. The set objectives provide guidelines for the counselling sessions and promote successful counselling. The objectives are usually agreed upon at the beginning of the counselling process. Work counselling is often conducted as a package of 10–20 meetings, enabling professional development or a process aiming towards changes in the work group’s/community’s ways of working. Work counselling can be conducted as individual, group or team counselling.

Work counselling for supervisors

Managerial work or leadership is also a key topic in work counselling. Leading people, facing and handling challenging situations, and managerial work in situations of change are some examples of challenges in managerial work and leadership at today’s workplaces. Work counselling also enables people to review and develop their managerial work. Mehiläinen also offers its customers individual and group therapy .