Work community and leadership

Goal-driven, systematic development of supervisors’ managerial skills and the functions of work communities enables employees’ occupational wellbeing and the success of business operations.

High-quality leadership and success comes from active operations at each level from the management group to the immediate supervisors.

Supervisor coaching

Mehiläinen offers coaching that prepares supervisors for many types of leadership situations, including taking over the managerial role, deepening the managerial skills, a coaching and solution-focused approach to leadership, more efficient utilisation of employee surveys, situations of change and addressing problems arising in everyday activities.

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Work community development through coaching

Mehiläinen’s work community coaching, in turn, emphasises the active development of employees’ working life skills and engaging them in the development of their shared everyday activities.

Work community coaching creates new means of interacting and cooperating that support open, candid and constructive communication. A responsible work community identifies problems early and solves them so that they promote shared learning and success. A functional work community possesses mutual agreements on how to cooperate and how to best perform the work. Such agreements go a long way in defining the operating culture and atmosphere of work communities.

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Interaction skills in the work community

Work community coaching also focuses on the interaction of the community and the interaction skills of the employees. Interaction skills include the ability to recognise one’s strengths and challenges. Coaching is also available to those who find it difficult to express themselves in a work community.

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Aiming for a functional work community

In a functional work community, each employee can influence their community. At its best, the work community is productive and pleasant and increases the occupational wellbeing and satisfaction of each employee.

Mehiläinen’s coaching aims to promote functional work communities. Assessment methods customised for working life support the development of managerial skills and the work community . The information on managerial styles and skills and the state of the organisation’s leadership produced by the assessments form the basis for goal-oriented work. The best results come from cooperation built out of active development of managerial work and the activities of the work community.

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