Mehiläinen’s psychotherapy services for occupational health care customers

Psychotherapy  is a professional form of health care that aims to improve an individual’s mental health and functionality. Psychotherapy can be performed in cases of affective disorders or problems with managing work or life in general, and it also provides excellent support in various life management crises.   

The psychotherapy services provided by Mehiläinen Working Life Services are an integral part of the services offered to its customers. The multidisciplinary collaboration in occupational health care services and the possibility to consult psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and a variety of other experts guarantee the high quality and flexibility or correctly timed treatment. The most important aspect of our services is easy and quick accessibility. 

Mental health problems the most significant threat to work ability

Psychotherapy provides a key mode of treating mental health problems. Detecting problems as early as possible is very important for the ideal outcome of the treatment. Early intervention allows for achieving the best possible results and prevents the recurrence of long sick leaves and premature disability pension retirement. Employers and pension insurance companies are particularly interested in how sick leaves related to mental health problems and premature retirements can be avoided. 

In addition to treating actual mental health problems, psychotherapy can support coping at work and occupational wellbeing, for instance. Taking advantage of psychotherapy today is a development process towards better self-understanding and improved quality of life and work ability that indicates responsibility. 

Various modes of therapy

The Mehiläinen Working Life Services provide therapy services for individuals, partners and groups that may last from a few months to several years. Psychotherapy services are always planned individually according to the customer’s needs in cooperation with the customer. It is a goal-oriented, yet flexible, process, and the accomplishment of goals is monitored regularly. 

The range of services provided by Working Life Services is focused on short-term modes of therapy, in which the most disturbing, pre-defined and limited problems are processed. These services include discussions and exercises that help customers identify and change any harmful emotional, mental and behavioural models. The service can also be provided remotely via a video chat. 

Many customers feel that group therapy is the most beneficial mode of therapy. The most important mode of group therapy is the coaching group for people recovering from a depression or burnout, the IPT group , which has achieved remarkable results.  

The costs of psychotherapy can be covered by employers, Kela, the pension insurance company, the customer or the insurance company that has issued a medical expense insurance. 

In addition to actual psychotherapy services, Mehiläinen also provides services that support mental health, including meetings, digital content and chat services.

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Highly professional therapists

Mehiläinen’s psychotherapy services employs highly professional psychotherapists certified by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (and Kela). In addition, short-term forms of therapy can be performed by the occupational health care professionals with a basic degree in psychology, qualification of an occupational psychologist and a separate training in performing short-term modes of therapy. All of these professionals undergo work counselling regularly. A key aspect of our services is our strong expertise in matters related to working life and understanding our customers’ operational environments. 

Specialists and locations

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