Mehiläinen’s digital services

Mehiläinen offers its customers the most extensive, modern and efficient digital tools. The unique service package includes tools for supervisors, employees, HR and management.


CorporateMehiläinen is a free online service that our corporate customers can access to view real-time summaries of their company’s key data. Reports generated by the service allow for monitoring the status of health examinations performed, employees absent due to recurrent or prolonged sick leaves and the actual costs on an operational level, for example.

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WorkAbilityCompass and Superior’s Compass

The WorkAbilityCompass and Superior’s Compass are tools developed by Mehiläinen that help companies manage and support the work ability of their personnel. The Compasses are tools that employees, supervisors, HR managers, occupational health care service providers, pension insurance companies and other stakeholders can all use.

The WorkAbilityCompass helps identify and prevent risks related to work ability. The HR personnel are able to identify the risks of incapacity for work and monitor and support the employees’ return to work with the help of the service. The service also includes a platform on which the HR personnel and the occupational health care service provider can discuss and exchange information efficiently.

The Superior’s Compass is an invaluable tool for supervisors in matters related to work ability. For example, supervisors are notified and provided instructions in cases of recurrent sickness-related absences and how to act in various situations through the service. The Superior’s Compass also allows for direct communication between the supervisor, the HR personnel and the occupational health care service provider.

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Compass tools for early support of work ability

Wellbeing Radar

The Wellbeing Radar is a new AI-based service provided by Mehiläinen that supports your work ability. It uses the accumulated occupational health data of a person to predict the possible need for supporting work ability. The goal is to help people find solutions on how to improve their work ability and health in cooperation with occupational health care professionals.

The Wellbeing Radar will send the Voitko hyvin (Are you feeling well?) survey via the OmaMehiläinen app to anyone whose need for work ability support is increased according to the service. Your personal occupational health nurse will review your answers and contact you, if necessary, so that you can make an appointment to discuss your wellbeing. The Wellbeing Radar and the results of the survey are only accessible to the occupational health care service provider, and these data are not disclosed to the employer.

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Wellbeing Radar - a risk-based situation analysis

Electronic occupational health survey

The electronic occupational health survey allows for providing those who need a health examination or treatment with the appropriate services efficiently. The survey can be conducted as part of the statutory periodical examinations or pre-recruitment examinations or every 1–3 years for all or some members of the staff, for example. Efficient profiling of the staff improves treatment outcomes and allows for performing preventive work at an early stage. All employees who complete the survey will be provided with a personal health plan.

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Electronic occupational health survey

Health and wellbeing service store

The Mehiläinen health and wellbeing service store is an online service that is accessible to all companies and helps our customers find the correct and individually suitable services in an effortless and efficient manner. Whether you are looking to arrange a team building event, fitness test or a first aid course for your employees, the service store will provide you with what you need. Services provided by a wide range of service providers throughout Finland, including Mehiläinen, are available in the store. 

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Health and wellbeing service store

Digital Clinic in occupational health care

Digital Clinic is a remote appointment service that is available 24/7 without booking an appointment. The service can be accessed in the OmaMehiläinen online service or in the OmaMehiläinen app . The Digital Clinic service can be used to send doctors or nurses questions and pictures or to renew your prescriptions, regardless of your location. You will receive a reply within an hour of your message. The service is subject to a fee according to the occupational health physician’s health care price list and the time used. The services of a nurse are available in the Digital Clinic at night, and the fee for these appointments is €9/appointment. The costs incurred by the use of the Digital Clinic are charged in the occupational health care invoice of the company.

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Digital Clinic and occupational health


The health data of your employees and their family members are stored and easily accessible in the OmaMehiläinen service. The service contains information about appointment history, test results, imaging study results, vaccinations, prescriptions and attending doctors and nurses in a single convenient location.

It also sends notifications about matters concerning the user’s health and appointments and serves as a channel of communicating with the designated occupational health team. The service can be used to make appointments with the members of the team, renew prescriptions and ask any questions that might arise after an appointment. The OmaMehiläinen app also allows your employees and their family to access the valuable benefits of the Mehiläinen Loyalty Programme. OmaMehiläinen can be accessed by all customers of Mehiläinen free of charge.

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OmaMehiläinen online version

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Digitally supported treatment and coaching programs

The aim of Mehiläinen's digital coaching programs is to support and encourage employees in lifestyle changes, e.g. related to sleep, exercise, endurance, and nutrition. The coaching includes weekly digital content and assignments in OmaMehiläinen -application, as well as the support of your own coach. Depending on the program, the coach supports the client remotely or in coaching meetings.

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Mehiläinen's occupational health care professionals utilize the eWorkplace Survey in making a workplace survey. The eWorkplace Survey enables occupational health care professionals to take notes on a mobile device during a workplace visit and work on a report using the eWorkplace Survey platform. The information about the workplace survey can be viewed by the customer in a separate summary view and in a traditional report in CorporateMehiläinen.

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OmaTyöterveys is a telephone service that provides Mehiläinen’s occupational health care service customers with guidance and instructions. Trained nurses specialised in customer relationships will take your calls from Monday to Sunday between 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. They can also access the patient records of occupational health care service customers, which helps make decisions regarding supporting an employee. The service allows for avoiding unnecessary appointments, accessing the services more effortlessly and creating significant savings.

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