Instructions for patients coming to the laboratory

Mehiläinen’s laboratories offer a wide range of different tests and examinations. Learn more about our laboratory services.

Before coming to the laboratory, you should find out whether you need to prepare for the test in some way. Blood samples can usually be taken at any time of the day and without fasting. Some tests require fasting or scheduled sample-taking. These recommendations need to be followed in order to ensure the reliability of the sample and to make the results comparable with the reference values.

Do you need a referral for the laboratory?

You can come to the laboratory with or without a referral. If you come to the laboratory for a test without a referral from a doctor, you are not eligible for Kela reimbursements for the costs and usually also not for reimbursements from an insurance for treatment costs. Learn more about the amounts and payment terms for Kela reimbursements 

You get a referral to laboratory tests from your doctor or occupational health nurse. If you need to prepare for your laboratory tests in a certain way, you will receive instructions from your doctor, a nurse or the laboratory. When booking an appointment online, you can also print the necessary instructions.

Some laboratory tests are available without a referral. You should always discuss your results with a doctor.

Laboratory appointments

Normally, you can come to the laboratory for tests without making an appointment. Such tests include blood, urine and stool samples as well as ECG. If you wish, you can also make an appointment for your laboratory tests. Please also note that some laboratories require booking an appointment.

Some examinations, such as spirometry, require an appointment. The availability of laboratory examinations varies between locations.

You can book an appointment for a laboratory test by calling the clinic or through our online booking service . Information about our clinic options and the opening hours of our laboratories are found through our location search.

Through our online booking service, you can book an appointment for

  • blood and urine samples
  • Pap tests (cervical screening)
  • ECG examinations

Laboratory test results

Make arrangements with the doctor who referred you to the laboratory on how you want to receive the results of laboratory tests. You can also view your results in the OmaMehiläinen service. You can use the OmaMehiläinen online service  or the mobile application.

Download the OmaMehiläinen mobile application for iPhone 
Download the OmaMehiläinen mobile application for Android devices 

Specialists and locations

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