Lujabetoni’s Tönäri service offers help with mental well-being challenges at a low threshold

Lujabetoni is one of the leading companies in the concrete industry in Finland and employs around 1,000 professionals in Finland and Sweden. In the industrial sector, preventive and rehabilitative treatment of symptoms related to musculoskeletal disorders is the general focus of occupational health care, which is very important for work ability in the sector. Lujabetoni noticed that the frequency of absences due to mental health problems had been steadily increasing, which led them to consider how this trend could be brought down.

Lujabetoni and Mehiläinen started to develop together a low-threshold mental well-being service, where employees can discuss any issue related to mental well-being. The mental well-being service called Tönäri was established, where employees of Lujabetoni can contact their occupational health team's mental well-being experts at any time and anywhere. Tönäri, which translates into floor prop in English, has conventionally been known in the construction industry as a support for elements and moulds, but now it also acts as a low-threshold support for the personnel of Lujabetoni.

The joint development and provision of the customer-oriented service has yielded significant results. 10% of Lujabetoni’s employees have already used the Tönäri service, and the number is still growing. The long-term increase in sickness-related absences due to mental health problems has been brought down.

“The Tönäri service providers are like big sisters or brothers who walk alongside with you when you have challenges with mental well-being,” says Mikko Satuli, Director of Human Resources at Lujabetoni.

Reference published 5/2022