Working Life Services Price List

For contractual customer relationships involving Working Life Services products, we follow the Working Life Services price list, which covers the most common laboratory and imaging examinations, occupational health nurse’s and physician's fees, and occupational well-being and disability prevention services.

Working Life Services' price list is valid from 1.1.2021 until further notice.

Price list in English 2021 >> ( pdf, 712 kB)

Hinnasto 2021 >> ( pdf, 713 kB)

Prislista på svenska 2021 >> ( pdf, 680 kB)

Kanta fee active in Mehiläinen from January 2019

The Kanta fee replaces the previously used electronic prescription or e-prescription fee.

According to law, Mehiläinen is obligated to send information about all patient appointments to the centralised archive of electronic patient data (KanTa). The Kanta fee covers all fees paid to authorities and the system expenses incurred by regulatory requirements. The Kanta fee also covers all expenses incurred by an electronic prescription, or an e-prescription. For our occupational health care service customers, the rate of the Kanta fee is €1.70/appointment. The previously used e-prescription fee for occupational health care service customers was €1.70/prescription.

All appointments that involve storing data in the Kanta archive are subject to the Kanta fee. Such appointments include, for example, appointments with a doctor, nurse, occupational physiotherapist or a psychologist. In physiotherapy, the Kanta fee covers an entire series of treatments. In terms of inpatient treatment, the Kanta fee covers an entire treatment period. The Kanta fee is not added to laboratory or imaging examination visits that do not include an appointment.

The Kanta archive provides patients with extensive access to their personal health data. The archive makes it easier to exchange information and to treat the patient, especially in situations where the patient is treated in more than one health care unit. The following information is added to the Kanta archive whenever a patient visits Mehiläinen: appointment details, patient records, summarised treatment period texts, diagnoses, critical risk details and laboratory referrals, results, statements and certificates.

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