Thomas Van der Plaetsen operated at Sports Mehiläinen in Turku, Finland

Belgian decathlete Thomas Van der Plaetsen underwent hamstring injury surgery at Urheilu Mehiläinen in Turku on Wednesday, 11 August 2021. The procedure, performed by Orthopaedic Surgeon Lasse Lempainen, was a success.

Thomas Van der Plaetsen suffered a serious hamstring injury when he competed in the long jump at the Tokyo Olympics. The 30-year-old athlete left the stadium in a wheelchair.

After remote consultation Van der Plaetsen sought treatment with Orthopaedic Surgeon Lasse Lempainen in Turku.

”The surgery went as planned and I am satisfied with the result,” Lempainen says after the operation.

”It´s a big relief that the surgery today went well and that full recovery lays ahead. I´m extremely grateful to Dr Lempainen for this availability, quick assessment and fantastic skills,” Van der Plaetsen says.

”We wish Thomas a good recovery and a successful return to the track,” Lempainen concludes.