Mehiläinen's annual report, financial statements and corporate responsibility report for 2020 have been published

Press release 19 February 2021

Mehiläinen's annual report describing the events of 2020 as well as the financial statements and the report of the Board of Directors have been published on Mehiläinen's website. The set of reports is complemented for the first time by a corporate responsibility report that complies with the GRI framework.

“At Mehiläinen, 2020 was a challenging year due to the coronavirus pandemic. We responded to the unforeseen situation quickly and decisively in all our business areas. In our annual report, we extensively discuss the actions we took during the coronavirus pandemic as well as other things we did last year together with our customers,” says Janne-Olli Järvenpää, CEO of Mehiläinen.

In 2020, we also created Mehiläinen’s first corporate responsibility programme, the themes of which highlight the cornerstones of Mehiläinen’s business: the quality of treatment and care, customer orientation, evolution and development, steady and sustainable growth and responsibility for people. Corporate responsibility is reported in a separate report published on Mehiläinen's website.

“Mehiläinen has a strong basic task to create health and well-being as well as the values on which Mehiläinen's corporate responsibility is built. In 2020, we have further developed our responsibility work. For the first time, we are publishing a separate corporate responsibility report, and we are also focusing on sharing information about our responsibility with our customers, staff and stakeholders. I am confident that this will encourage all of us at Mehiläinen to act even more sustainably in the future,” says Järvenpää.

Mehiläinen's financial result is reported in full in the financial statements and the report of the Board of Directors.

In 2020, Mehiläinen Group’s revenue grew by 9.2 per cent from the comparison period, to EUR 1,162.5 (1,064.1) million. Growth was mainly organic. The underlying operating profit before the depriciation and amortisation of intangible assets arisen from business combinations and impairment (underlying EBITA) increased by 12.8 per cent from the previous year to EUR 134.1 (118.8) million. Total investments amounted to EUR 52.8 (85.4) million in 2020. In 2020, Mehiläinen Group's tax footprint increased by 6.1 per cent from the comparison period to EUR 230.9 (217.6) million. Despite 2020 being a challenging year, our result was close to our targets for the financial year in terms of both revenue and profitability.

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