Mehiläinen was selected as the Employer Brand of the Year

Press Release 4.11.2022

Mehiläinen won the “Employer Brand of the Year” category in Rekrygaala (Recruitment Gala) arranged on Thursday, 3 November 2022. The Employer Brand of the Year recognition is awarded annually to an employer who has systematically built a relationship with its target group and carried out coherent and strategic branding. The jury of professionals justified its choice with Mehiläinen's long-term work for its employer image in a sector suffering from a severe shortage of skilled labour.

- We are proud and grateful for this recognition. We have been working uncompromisingly and determinately for Mehiläinen’s employer image for years and now this work has been rewarded. Every Mehiläinen employee working with a big heart, and on a lifelong mission, for our customers every day is to be thanked for, says Tatu Tulokas, HR Director at Mehiläinen.

- At Mehiläinen, we do this work together with our employees, and we have managed to convey this attitude and the genuine aspects that make Mehiläinen special. This year, Mehiläinen has already welcomed 5,900 new employees, says Reetta Rautkivi, Head of Employer Branding at Mehiläinen.

Mehiläinen’s successful development work, focused on the employer image, is strongly founded on the company and its employees: the external image has been developed from the inside with genuine actions. Supervisory work, occupational well-being and equal and non-discriminatory working life are examples of development areas.

- In my opinion, the key cornerstone of success is our strong commitment to our 2019 target of being the most desirable employer in our industry. This, as well as acting in accordance with our values, has taken us forward. The recognition that we have received shows that we have succeeded in our daily work and that we have been able to convey our atmosphere at work and in our daily duties to others, says Tulokas.

The development of the employer image in Mehiläinen will also continue strongly in the coming year.

We will continue to invest in our management and operational culture as well as in active development projects related to supervisory work and work communities. We need to earn the recognition again every single day, says Tulokas.

The Employer Brand of the Year award was given in Rekrygaala to an employer that has systematically built its employer brand to attract relevant target groups*. The selection was made by a panel of diverse professionals.

*) Source: Rekrygaala 2022