Mehiläinen to become the market leader in therapeutic services – Hippo Therapy Clinic becomes part of Mehiläinen

Press Release 3 May 2021

Hippo Therapy Clinic will join Mehiläinen on 3 May 2021. The acquisition allows for Mehiläinen's customers to access more extensive and effective therapy and rehabilitation services, especially for children and young people. For Hippo, the deal creates the opportunity to expand operations through new service models developed between digital services, customer service and service areas.

Hippo Therapy Clinic, a family business founded by Simo-based Kelhälä sisters Auli Kälvi and Heli Vuorio, provides speech and occupational therapy services, psychological services and psychotherapy services with approximately 220 professionals in Jyväskylä, Turku, Tampere, Helsinki, Oulu, Kerava, Kuopio, Joensuu, Riihimäki and Ylivieska. The company's revenue will grow to approximately EUR 10 million this year. Hippo's activities are based on investments in quality and the development of multidisciplinary therapy work.

- In Mehiläinen, we have built a comprehensive nationwide set of therapy services for our customers. Hippo has shown excellent results in the development of therapy services and their high-quality customer-oriented growth around Finland. Hippo's strong expertise and comprehensive network complement Mehiläinen's extensive range in services, says Mehiläinen’s CEO Janne-Olli Järvenpää.

- Mehiläinen provides Hippo with a wide range of skills for future development in strong information security and digitalisation, for example. We have always wanted to develop the company in every possible way, and our goal is to continue the development work with Mehiläinen, says Hippo’s CEO Auli Kälvi.

The demand for therapeutic services is quickly increasing in Finland. For example, speech and occupational therapy services and neuropsychological rehabilitation funded by Kela have grown by more than 10% annually. Mehiläinen has the ability to provide comprehensive physiotherapy, psychotherapy and psychology services, speech and occupational therapy services and neuropsychological rehabilitation for all age groups nationwide. The customers of Mehiläinen’s therapy services include private persons, employers, municipalities and hospital districts.

- The revenue of our therapeutic services will almost double in 2021, approaching EUR 100 million. In a short time, Mehiläinen has become the market leader in therapy services in Finland through strong organic development and successful acquisitions, says Janne-Olli Järvenpää.

Through acquisitions, Mehiläinen's therapy services have recently also been complemented by Psyykkisen hyvinvoinnin keskus Komppi and Psykologipalvelu Poiju Oy. The company's goal is to continue the active development of therapy services and making acquisitions in the future.

Hippo will continue to operate as part of Mehiläinen as an independent business unit, and the operations will continue unchanged in all existing locations. Hippo's employees and professionals will continue as employees and private practitioners of Mehiläinen with their previous contracts after the acquisition. The management is also committed to continuing in its previous roles and to the long-term development of therapy services together with the Mehiläinen team. With the acquisition, Nordia Rahasto Oy will divest itself of its ownership of the company.