A medical clinic chain in Italy to use Mehiläinen Digital Clinic

Press Release 27 April, 2020

Italian medical clinic service provider Centro Medico Santagostino will start using the Mehiläinen Digital Clinic online application. The online application to be used by Centro Medico Santagostino includes the Digital Clinic functionalities, symptoms survey and a separate coronavirus channel to be set up separately for Italy.

“We appreciate this opportunity to cooperate with a rapidly growing operator, known for introducing new operating methods to the market in an unbiased manner. The chance to assist in securing medical services in Italy in the midst of the challenging coronavirus crisis is particularly important for us,” says Anssi Hartiala, Managing Director of Mehiläinen's private healthcare services.

The rapidly growing company operates more than 20 medical clinics in the Milan region, where more than 1,000 doctors provide a broad range of high-quality medical services in various specialties for over 440,000 customers.

“We are excited about this cooperation with Mehiläinen and the opportunity to set up a new service in Italy. We’ve always paid attention to new health concerns and requests from patients, and to accessibility of our health services. In this corona emergency phase we decided to push on even more on telemedicine services, because we want to answer to patients’ needs. And we must do it with every tool that helps avoid unnecessary contacts among people. New service is a good representative of northern european efficiency and smart policies”, says Luca Foresti, CEO of CMS.

The cooperation will begin by setting up an efficient and impressive remote physician service. Digital Clinic will provide support in the management of the coronavirus situation, which is very challenging in Italy.

“The service offers a separate channel for patients who suspect they may have the coronavirus infection. The automated symptom survey makes it possible for doctors to help patients quickly and safely, and to provide further instructions. At the same time, potential hazardous situations at clinics can be avoided and the load on the healthcare system is eased,” says Hartiala from Mehiläinen.

Digital Clinic will be launched in Italy on 27 April. The aim is to deepen cooperation in the future by developing innovative and effective healthcare services.

Digital services attract international interest

International interest towards Mehiläinen’s services continues.

“Our aim is to facilitate low threshold access to care and better healthcare services for an increasing number of people. We do this by assisting providers of traditional healthcare services around the world in taking a digital leap, similar to the one we have taken. I believe that when several leading healthcare providers develop the digital platform together with us, we can transform the methods of health care provision on a larger scale,” says Hartiala.

Previously, Mehiläinen Digital Clinic has been sold in the international market to the largest private hospital chain in Greece. In Finland, Digital Clinic has proven to be a vital service channel in providing advice and guidance to patients suffering from respiratory tract symptoms.

For more information, please contact:
Mehiläinen, Anssi Hartiala, Managing Director, Mehiläinen's private healthcare services
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