Leonardo Spinazzola operated on at Sports Mehiläinen in Turku, Finland

On 5 July 2021, the ruptured Achilles tendon of Leonardo Spinazzola, the Italy and AS Roma wing-back, was operated on at Sports Mehiläinen in Turku, Finland. The operation was performed by orthopaedic surgeon Lasse Lempainen.

Leonardo Spinazzola's Achilles tendon was ruptured during the Euro 2020 quarter-final match between Belgium and Italy. After the dramatic injury, the player was carried off the pitch on a stretcher to the shelters in the Allianz Arena in Munich. After returning to Rome, Spinazzola and AS Roma chose orthopaedic surgeon Lasse Lempainen as the treating physician. The injury required an operation, which was performed on Monday.

”The surgery went as planned and I am satisfied with the result. AS Roma doctor Massimo Manara supervised the operation,” Lasse Lempainen says after the operation.

”I am of course disappointed that I could not continue the European Championships, but I will come back even stronger after the surgery and rehabilitatio,” Spinazzola says.

Following the surgery, Spinazzola faces intensive and carefully planned rehabilitation, which will be carried out in close collaboration between AS Roma and Lasse Lempainen.

“It is a tremendous expression of confidence to treat one of AS Roma’s top athletes in cooperation with the club. I wish Leonardo a good recovery and a successful return to the pitch,” Lempainen concludes.