Mehiläinen ranked the most trusted private medical centre in Finland for the sixth time

Mehiläinen was chosen as the most trusted private medical centre in Finland in the 2023 Trusted Brand survey. Between 2013 and 2023, Mehiläinen has received this recognition six times, and this marks the fourth time in a row. Mehiläinen received 44% of the mentions in the category. The image of a reliable operator extends beyond the customer base.

“Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and the fact that consumers have ranked us as the most trusted private medical centre for the sixth time is a huge recognition for us. We put our hearts and souls into our work for our customers and it’s wonderful to receive positive feedback on our efforts,” says Anssi Hartiala, Managing Director of Private Healthcare at Mehiläinen.

The Trusted Brand survey examines brands through the perspective of five characteristics: quality, value for money, strong brand image, understanding consumers’ needs, and ethical responsibility. Respondents are asked to report their most trusted brand in an open-ended format.

In the private medical centre category, the number of respondents naming the brand was considerably higher than in the previous year. Confidence in private medical centres has increased, and the image of Mehiläinen as a reliable operator extends beyond the customer base.

“In order to understand the experiences of our customers and to be able to develop our activities, we also collect customer feedback in various ways. We use the NPS (Net Promoter Score) index to measure the customer experience of our healthcare services. The NPS for 2022 was 89, which is an excellent result,” Hartiala says.

“The measurement was also expanded with a PEI (Patient Enablement Instrument) questionnaire to measure care outcomes as perceived by the patients, in other words how the patients cope with their symptoms after an appointment. In particular, our oral health customers in both public and private healthcare services feel that their appointments have clearly increased their ability to cope with a symptom or illness,” says Hartiala.

The Trusted Brands survey has been conducted in Finland 23 times. More than 2,000 people responded to the survey, and the brand questions were divided into two panels (N=1,004). The private medical centre category has been included since 2013.

Published 10.3.2023