Mehiläinen Municipal Services to launch personnel renting services - Pirjo Surenkin to start as Sector Manager on 1 June 2009

By offering customers genuine added value through its creative and flexible solutions, Mehiläinen Municipal Services wants to bring a new level of innovation into its partnership with municipalities. Inspired by this, Mehiläinen Municipal Services has decided to expand into the sector of personnel renting. Pirjo Surenkin will start as Sector Manager of Personnel Renting on 1 June.

In the 2000's, personnel renting has been one of the fastest growing areas of operation in the health care sector in Finland. In proportion to the total number of personnel in the sector, personnel renting is still, on an international scale, relatively rare in Finland. In addition to personnel renting, there is a constantly growing market for other personnel services.

'Mehiläinen has its roots deep in the history of Finnish health care and its commitment to long-term development work was the decisive factor for me to accept a new challenge', says Pirjo Surenkin, Sector Manager of Personnel Renting.

'Mehiläinen is the best-known and most prestigious brand in Finnish health care and I believe this will be a great asset in the creation of customerships and the recruitment of personnel', Surenkin continues, 'Our national service network, which covers all cities with a university faculty of medicine and all the major growth centres in Finland, guarantees us, right from the start, a strong presence on a local level and direct access to our most important resource - personnel', Surenkin adds as a final comment, 'During 2009, we will significantly reinforce my team through the recruitment of highly skilled key personnel, which in turn will help us build our competitiveness on the market.'

'Health care personnel services are going through a period of rapid growth and development. As a business sector, it has a positive impact on the overall development of Mehiläinen Municipal Services and provides welcome support in outsourcing basic health care services, for example', says Teemu Annala, Business Manager of Mehiläinen Municipal Services.

'Ms. Surenkin has more than ten years of experience in personnel service marketing both in Finland and abroad. She will definitely be an asset for us in the new business sector and we have every reason to believe that this sector will grow and develop profitably in Mehiläinen. It is our belief that customers will see the increasing competition and the emergence of new, viable alternatives in this sector merely as a positive development', says Annala and goes on to say, 'Personnel renting will enable us to offer new opportunities to potential employees with an interest in Mehiläinen in a manner that is well suited to each worker's life situation. The versatility of Mehiläinen's operations brings added value also to our customers, which I believe will strengthen our position as the number one choice in health care services in the future as well.'

For further information, please contact

Teemu Annala, Business Manager
tel. 040 533 7568

Published 27.5.2009