Mehiläinen and Mediverkko merger enables better customer service – Finnish ownership increased

As expected, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority has approved the acquisition of Mediverkko Yhtymä Oy by Mehiläinen Oy. As a result of this merger Mehiläinen will become an ever stronger operator in the social and health care services.

‘With this merger Mehiläinen further strengthens its position in the market. Especially in the field of social care and dental services Mehiläinen now has a much better market position and possibilities to grow. Our services are of high quality, efficient and are provided by the best of professionals. These are important factors needed to develop the social and health care services in Finland. Furthermore, Finnish investors believe in Mehiläinen, and Finnish ownership in Mehiläinen has increased in connection with this acquisition,’ says Janne-Olli Järvenpää, Mehiläinen’s new Chief Executive Officer.

New direct Finnish owners include the employee pension insurance companies Ilmarinen and Varma. Through investments in funds managed by Triton and KKR, the owners of Mehiläinen also include several Finnish institutional investors, among them the Keva (Local Government Pensions Institution), insurance company LähiTapiola and eQ. The founding shareholders of Mediverkko, its current executives and other key employees will also make a significant investment in the new Mehiläinen. The debt financiers of Mehiläinen also include Nordic institutional investors, such as Etera, Danske Bank, Nordea and SEB.

Mehiläinen Group provides a full range of health care services from primary care to secondary care through a network of hospitals, outpatient and dental clinics across the country. As a partner to the public sector, the group offers specialist and surgery services, health care clinic services based on free choice by the customer, and various services in public health care from on-call duty to outsourcing and staffing services. The group also provides a multitude of social care services, including services for the elderly and disabled, mental rehabilitation, and child and youth welfare as a partner to Finnish municipalities. The group has a nationwide service network of more than 100 units with 9,000 employees and practitioners providing health and social care services.,,,

For more information, please contact:

Janne-Olli Järvenpää, CEO, Mehiläinen Group, tel. +358 40 761 1588

Mehiläinen Group is the best-known and most highly regarded private provider of social and health care services in Finland. Mehiläinen and Mediverkko, which merged in 2015, provide the most extensive services for private, corporate and municipal customers. Mehiläinen and Mediverkko have approximately 9,000 employees and practitioners providing such services.

Published 2.2.2015