Jani Mikkola to take over the duties of Sales Director in Mehiläinen Group

Jani Mikkola, M.Sc.(Econ), B.Soc.Sc, has been appointed Sales Director in the Mehiläinen Group as of 3 August 2009. Jani Mikkola, 36, currently holds the position of Major Client Relationship Manager in the Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, where he is responsible for major and medium-sized clients' sales and customer relationships as well as the development of service concepts for the clients. His earlier positions include Sales Director for major clients and Marketing Director for the corporate distribution channel, both in Sampo Life.

'We are more than pleased to have Jani Mikkola take over sales in the Mehiläinen Group. Mehiläinen is the best-known private health care enterprise in Finland and highly esteemed in all customer segments. In recent years, we have achieved considerable growth, especially in occupational health care services, and engaged in extensive development work in our cooperation with insurance companies. Jani Mikkola's wide and extensive experience in demanding sales work and customer management, especially in the company sales sector, will be an invaluable asset for the Mehiläinen sales organization', says Matti Bergendahl, CEO of Mehiläinen.

'In the future, we shall develop the services of the Mehiläinen Group further to be able to offer our customers service packages and partnership that are tailored to their needs to an even greater extent. It is my belief that under Jani Mikkola, Mehiläinen will continue its strong development in sales and customer management', Bergendahl continues.

'It is with great interest that I have watched Mehiläinen's growth and development in recent years and so I did not hesitate when I was offered this challenge', says Jani Mikkola. 'It feels great to be part of Mehiläinen's development now that Mehiläinen has gained an even stronger position in the occupational health care and insurance company sectors, for example. I for my part accept the challenge and am eager to start development work in sales and customer management in the Mehiläinen Group together with company professionals', Mikkola continues.

As Sales Director, Jani Mikkola will be in charge of sales in the Mehiläinen Group on a national scale. The Sales Director reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

Published 29.5.2009