Anders Westerholm nominated for Managing Director of Meliva Sweden

Anders Westerholm has been nominated for Managing Director of the Mehiläinen’s wholly owned subsidiary Meliva AB (Meliva Sweden) starting 1.3.2023. Meliva Sweden is a part of Mehiläinen’s public healthcare business area which is led by Markku Näreneva.

Meliva Sweden operates mainly in publicly funded freedom of choice segments and has 17 primary care health centres, with more than 110,000 listed customers. The company is also active in occupational healthcare and publicly paid specialist care in the children’s segment in Sweden.

Anders Westerholm, who will now be appointed CEO of the Swedish operations, shifts to his new position from Meliva's Chief Operating Officer’s role. Anders started out as an entrepreneur in social care for children with autism and has over 20-year experience of various business development roles within smaller and larger healthcare companies. Before Meliva he had the role as HR & sustainability director in the Group Management of Ambea, one of the Nordics' leading care companies.

At the same time the previous CEO of Meliva Sweden, Matti Schmidt, ends his interim assignment as director of Meliva but will remain in the organization during a handover period with a focus on supporting continued integration and development work.

Mehiläinen’s public healthcare services operates in Finland and Sweden and have over 420,000 listed customers in primary care, extensive home care services, healthcare personnel staffing services, secondary care outsourcing services and rehabilitation services.

Published 3.3.2023