A new direction for occupational health care

Healthy people are happy employees. This is why their wellbeing and mental health should be looked after. Mehiläinen’s occupational health services will help you on the path towards new trends in occupational health care. Our services are digitally supported, effective solutions for supporting leadership and the health and wellbeing of employees and work communities.

We offer modern tools for identifying the premature decline of work ability, such as the Wellbeing Radar. Our new services, including the OmaMehiläinen occupational health view and digital coaching programmes, support people in looking after their personal wellbeing.

We cooperate with our corporate customers confidentially and invest in understanding the overall situation of the customer and joint knowledge-based management. Mehiläinen’s Compass tools guarantee the effectiveness of cooperation in supporting work ability and the reporting tool of CorporateMehiläinen provides a real-time overall picture of the situation.

The needs of corporate and private occupational health customers are at the core of the new trends of occupational health care and form the basis of all our operations.

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