University of Oulu: HR Director Jarmo Okkonen

The University of Oulu is an internationally operating university of science, where new scientific knowledge is produced and future trendsetters are educated. The total number of employees is about 3,500, of which about 20% have an international background, so diversity brings with it many different expectations for promoting well-being and work ability. At the moment, the University of Oulu is investing in the proactive management and ensuring of working ability.

Mehiläinen's digital tool Superior's Compass has helped focus resources more on individual well-being and less on medical care.

“The individual level must always be remembered in all effective activities. Even if the system is good, but the individual does not feel well, so we are far from achieving the goal, which means we must remember to also look at the situation from the perspective of the individual employee,” says Jarmo Okkonen, HR Director at the University of Oulu.

Published 2021