Mehiläinen drive-in testing stations (nasal cavity sample)

Instructions for visiting a drive-in testing station:

  • If you have been issued with a referral to a coronavirus test by a doctor and you are visiting a drive-in testing station by car, please stay inside your car while the sample is being taken. Remember to keep a safe distance and follow all instructions provided at the testing station.
  • All persons being tested must register by phone before the test. When you arrive at a station, call the number provided at the station. It is possible to register online at some of our testing stations. Additional information and instructions for online registration are provided at the station. The tests are performed in the order of registration. Please note that the order of cars in the queue is not necessarily the same as the order of registration for the test.
  • You do not need to exit your car at all, even for the sampling.
  • Please note that our testing stations can be busy and you may have to wait your turn. Reserve enough time for the sample to be taken. It is a good idea to bring something to eat or drink while waiting. There are no bathrooms for customers at the stations.
  • Some stations require booking an appointment, so be sure to check the specific instructions of the station you are visiting.

The opening hours of the drive-in testing stations are listed online:

Please note that some info about our drive-in testing stations is only in Finnish.

Locations where tests are performed by booking an appointment:

If the drive-in station closest to you is too far away, please call our customer service on +358 (0)10 414 1848. The customer service representative can check the unit closest to you where sampling services are provided.

Please let everyone use our services in peace

Do not take photos of other patients or Mehiläinen employees without their consent. Do not post anything in social media that includes content that makes it possible to identify other customers. This is how we respect everyone’s privacy.