Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing instructions for a trip or an event

You can take a COVID-19 test at Mehiläinen laboratory if you are asymptomatic and need a test for travel or an event. If you have infection symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, you can take the test at Mehiläinen’s respiratory tract infection clinics or drive-in testing stations. Check the respiratory infection clinic and drive-in testing station locations and read the instructions.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 test – follow these steps

  1. Referral
    You must have a referral for the COVID-19 test. If you need to be tested for travel or an event, you can get a referral most conveniently from the COVID-19 test online store.
  2. Services
    You can visit any Mehiläinen medical clinic laboratory when you have a referral. Most of the laboratories provide a test without an appointment. Check the need for an appointment on the laboratory booking page below.
  3. Face mask
    Wear a mask when you come to the laboratory. Take off the mask only after you have the permission to do so.
  4. Sampling
    Sampling takes a few minutes. The sample is taken from the nasopharynx.
  5. Completion of the test result
    The antigen test result is ready in about 30 minutes. On average, it takes 1–2 days to complete a PCR test. At certain test stations, the PCR test result is completed in 6 to 8 hours.
  6. Test results and the EU Digital COVID Certificate
    You will receive the results and the COVID-19 certificate through the OmaMehiläinen app. 
    The EU Digital COVID Certificate will be generated within 2–12 hours of the test result being completed: you can download the EU Digital COVID Certificate from the My Kanta service. 

PCR test result in 6–24 hours

You will get a PCR test result in an average of about 6–24 hours from these Drive-In test stations:

Completion times of other PCR and antigen test results

  • PCR results can be obtained in less than 24 hours or 1–2 days, depending on your chosen laboratory.
  • You can get the antigen test results in about 30 minutes.

List of Mehiläinen’s laboratories, tests and test results completion times:

Southern Finland





South Karelia

Eastern Finland

North Savo

North Karelia

South Savo

Southwest Finland


Finland Proper

West and Inner Finland

South Ostrobothnia

Central Ostrobothnia

Central Finland

  • Mehiläinen Jyväskylä  (PCR: most test results are completed in less than 12 h, antigen: 30 min)
    Please note! PCR tests taken before 12:00 noon will be ready within 6 hours. PCR tests taken after 12:00 noon will be completed on the following day.
  • Mehiläinen Jämsä  (PCR: most test results are completed in less than 1 day)
  • Mehiläinen Keuruu  (PCR: most test results are completed in 1–2 days)
  • Mehiläinen Äänekoski  (PCR: most test results are completed in 1–2 days, antigen: 30 min)



Northern Finland

North Ostrobothnia