Corona certificate

Corona certificate

You may need a certificate of negative COVID-19 test result, for example, when travelling. The destination country of the trip or the airline may require a certain COVID-19 test, negative COVID-19 test result and a test certificate from passengers. You may also need a separate Fit to Fly certificate on your flight if your health status so requires. If you are planning a trip, check the current regulations concerning the arrival in the country as well as test and certificate requirements from your airline and the authorities of the destination, for example, from the embassy of the country in question.

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How can I get a COVID-19 certificate?

If you need a negative COVID-19 test certificate, you can get it after the results have arrived.

Once the negative test result has arrived, you can request a certificate from any Mehiläinen medical clinic. You can pick up the certificate from the reception desk of a Mehiläinen medical clinic. You can also request a certificate by calling and picking it up as agreed or print it through the OmaMehiläinen service. If you need the original certificate instead of a copy, you must pick it up at one of Mehiläinen’s clinics. Please take your personal identification document with you when picking up the certificate. The price of the certificate is EUR 23,90.

The certificate can be found in the OmaMehiläinen service when recording the corona test referral visit, under Sick leave. To open the certificate, press the OPEN icon. The electronic certificate is free of charge.

A negative certificate proves that the laboratory analysis of your COVID-19 sample was negative. Please note that a certificate of a negative result is not a Fit to Fly certificate as it does not address the passenger’s health status in terms of safe air travel in any other way.

How can I get a Fit to Fly certificate?

If you intend to travel by plane in Finland or abroad and you have any health issues or you are, for example, pregnant, you might need a separate statement concerning the safety of travelling from a doctor. These statements are called Fit to Fly certificates, by which a doctor issues a statement regarding whether it is appropriate for you to travel by plane. Remember to check what certificates are required by your airline in advance.

If you need a Fit to Fly certificate issued by a doctor, in addition to the negative COVID-19 test certificate, you can book an appointment with a doctor once the negative test result has arrived, even for the same day. The price of the Fit to Fly certificate is EUR 124. Usually, a Fit to Fly certificate issued by a general practitioner is sufficient.

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