Clinics specialised in respiratory tract infections

We want to provide everyone with the best and safest possible care during the coronavirus outbreak. If you experience the symptoms of a mild respiratory infection – such as a runny nose, cough, sore throat, body aches or high fever – and you feel you need the help of a doctor or nurse, contact us through the Digital Clinic whenever possible. In Mehiläinen's Digital Clinic, we will assess your need for a physical examination and, if necessary, direct you to a further examination and an appointment with a doctor in person.

However, if your symptoms and condition require a visit to a doctor in person, we have established separate respiratory tract infection clinics at Mehiläinen’s medical clinics and an entire unit where we examine and treat patients who are suffering from respiratory tract infections.

We follow particularly strict guidelines on hygiene and protecting our patients at the respiratory tract infection clinics. By centralising the treatment of patients with respiratory tract infection symptoms in specific clinics, we are able to serve our customers better in other health issues at Mehiläinen medical clinics.

Accessing the services of respiratory tract infection clinics

The services of respiratory tract infection clinics can only be accessed by making an appointment. The services are not available without an appointment. Make an appointment by calling Mehiläinen’s customer service on +358 (0)10 414 1848 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min) or online.

You will be given detailed instructions on what to do when you arrive at the clinic.

The respiratory tract infection clinics are located at our medical clinics, but they are separated from other services. It is our aim to avoid unnecessary visits to the clinic, so please do not bring an escort unless it is absolutely necessary (children, the elderly and patients in poor condition).

The majority of respiratory tract infection clinics have the resources to take samples. The clinic’s page includes information on whether the unit has the resources for testing for the coronavirus.

Respiratory tract infection clinics provide appointments only with doctors. The majority of available appointments at the clinics are with general practitioners who will see patients of all ages. The largest units also include a respiratory tract infection clinic for children, where the services of paediatricians are available.

Certain clinics also offer appointments for patients with symptoms that require the services of ear, nose and throat specialists.

Mehiläinen’s respiratory tract infection clinics:

Southern Finland

South Karelia

Eastern Finland

North Savo
North Karelia
South Savo

Southwest Finland

Finland Proper

West and Inner Finland

South Ostrobothnia
  • Seinäjoki (for occupational health customers only)
Central Ostrobothnia
Central Finland

Northern Finland

North Ostrobothnia


  • Kemi
  • Rovaniemi (including appointments with pediatricians and ear, nose and throat specialists)

Page last updated on 26 March 2020.

If you suspect you might have the coronavirus, read the following instructions