COVID-19 testing for sports clubs and events

In addition to COVID-19 testing for private persons, we also offer COVID-19 testing services that meet the needs of sports clubs and organisations, for example, in sports events.

When could an asymptomatic athlete need a COVID-19 test?

Individual athletes, teams or team members may need a COVID-19 test and certificate when travelling to competitions, matches or training camps in Finland or abroad.

COVID-19 testing of asymptomatic athletes may also be needed when participating in sports events. Sometimes, an individual athlete could be tested before a competition to avoid unnecessary exposure.

How does the COVID-19 testing service for athletes function?

At Mehiläinen, we have launched COVID-19 testing cooperation with several sport clubs and organisations. We actively perform tests in accordance with the regulations required by each sport. In addition, we can also establish COVID-19 testing stations in connection with sport events agilely even within a tight schedule.

The sampling process is implemented on the basis of the customer’s needs and wishes:

  • We can establish our COVID-19 testing station in a desired place.
  • Testing can be performed whenever desired – also in the evening and on weekends.
  • It is possible to implement COVID-19 testing with a tight schedule: even at a couple of days of notice.
  • Each testing event is designed individually to meet the needs of the athletes, sports club or, for example, the sports association.
  • In addition to PCR tests, we provide sports clubs with antigen tests with results available even in 20 minutes.
  • If the COVID-19 testing is centralised at Mehiläinen, we can offer testing and COVID-19 certificates for sports club or organisation members at a reduced price.

More information about COVID-19 tests

PCR test results are available in 1–3 days and, in urgent situations, even in six hours. We also offer antigen tests with results available even in 20 minutes.

A PCR test can be taken at any time, in other words, at any stage of the disease and from an asymptomatic or a symptomatic person. An antigen test is mainly recommended when there are symptoms and it has been under five days since the onset of symptoms. The antigen test is not as sensitive as the PCR test, but it is clearly faster than the PCR test.

An antigen test can be used to test asymptomatic people when the result must arrive quickly and the lack of sensitivity is acknowledged, for example, in events. It has already been used in many sports events precisely due to its rapidity. The use of an antigen test to test asymptomatic people is always agreed together with the doctor.

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