A spring cold or COVID-19? Fast coronavirus testing keeps the wheels turning in the life of an entrepreneur

In May 2020, Eveliina Heininen decided to get tested for the coronavirus as soon as she experienced symptoms associated with a COVID-19 infection. As little was known about the respiratory tract infection caused by the coronavirus in the first months of the pandemic, Heininen was concerned about how falling ill would affect her health and work.

As an entrepreneur, Heininen’s days are filled with a variety of roles as an administrative manager and controller as well as a producer of content for social media influencers and various events. Although Heininen can carry out most of her work remotely, the suspicion of a COVID-19 infection caused an extra headache for her hectic life as an entrepreneur.

Quick and easy access to coronavirus testing

Heininen has medical expense insurance with LähiTapiola, and she actively uses the TerveysHelppi app which is included and where Mehiläinen’s nurses and physicians quickly respond to messages and provide healthcare services every day of the week.

- I sent a message that I have coronavirus symptoms and need to get tested, says Heininen.

Heininen underwent coronavirus testing at Mehiläinen on the very same day. She felt that the testing experience as a whole was positive.

- Although I went in for testing without an appointment and there was a queue, the whole thing was over in just 10 minutes, Heininen explains.

Having the coronavirus sample taken from her nasal cavity with a cotton bud was unpleasant, but Heininen found that the relaxed attitude of the nurses eased her anxiety.

- The nurses were nice and had a good sense of humour. They were relaxed about the situation, even though they were dressed in protective gear that seemed more suited to a nuclear disaster, says Heininen with a laugh.

Coronavirus test results as quickly as within six hours

The coronavirus testing did not greatly disrupt Heininen’s working day. She could quickly return home to continue working remotely and wait for her test results while in quarantine. She received a message on her negative test result in the OmaMehiläinen app on her phone the very same day.

- To my relief, it was just a common cold, says Heininen.

Heininen had another coronavirus test in August. The second time, the quick and smooth testing process was already familiar. In addition to the fast test results, another positive surprise was that the coronavirus tests were fully covered by her medical expense insurance.