Arla Ltd: HR Business Partner Piret Nilimaa

Arla Oy is a Finnish dairy company. The company’s cooperation with Mehiläinen’s Working Life Services began in 2014. It was important for Arla Oy to have access to nationwide, comprehensive and prevention-focused occupational health care with which it could work to create and improve processes for managing work ability. Mehiläinen’s digital services – such as Compass tools, Digital Clinic and OmaMehiläinen – have been very useful and have even enabled an effective process for managing work ability.

“We now have a transparent work ability management process that everyone can understand, which is of course reflected in our results and indicators. Pension contributions are a good example: they continue to decrease every year. Of course, the goal is that everyone can retire feeling well and healthy, and Mehiläinen has been an excellent and reliable partner in our efforts towards this goal,” says Piret Nilimaa, Arla Oy’s HR Business Partner.