Medical Care focused on Occupational Health

Maintaining the quality of occupational health services depends heavily on the monitoring of the illnesses among the personnel, of the causes of illness and of the resulting disability.

Medical care that focuses on occupational health is characterised by the attention paid to the needs of employees and customer companies when organising medical care, and the use made of specialist expertise in occupational medicine when assessing work-related illnesses.

At Mehiläinen, medical care in occupational health consists of the following areas:

  • assessment of work ability based on knowledge of the workplace and work tasks
  • examination and treatment of work-related illnesses
  • identification of illnesses that potentially become aggravated at work and threaten work ability
  • identification of occupational diseases
  • steering of rehabilitation


The ready availability of high-level medical care is important for all employees. The minimum aim is for occupational health care services, through its appointments system, to treat work-related illnesses – that is, illnesses arising from work and that have a long-term effect on work ability. The need for treatment is assessed by occupational health care physicians and nurses, who also have access to the expertise of a multiprofessional care team. The occupational health care physician may refer the employee for specialist consultation when this is necessary for obtaining a diagnosis and/or clarifying further treatment.


All information relating to cases of illness can be made use of later in categorising illnesses as work-related and non-work-related and in determining the impact of medical care at the workplace level. A comprehensive medical care agreement ensures flexible examination and treatment of illnesses among the personnel. The responsibility for medical care rests with the occupational health care physician.