Health Checks (forms and enquiries)

Health checks are part of the preventive work of occupational health services, supporting and promoting the work capability and health of employees.

The health check identifies work-related health risks and hazards. The state of health, working capacity and functional capacity of employees are also identified, assessed and monitored. Health checks can be divided into statutory and voluntary checks.

Statutory health checks are based on the provisions of the Occupational Health Care Act and other rules and regulations. The content of statutory health checks is determined according to the risk factors involved in the type of work.

Statutory health checks are performed

  • to assess whether a new employee meets health requirements in cases where the work poses particular health risks
  • to identify work-related health impacts and diseases
  • to monitor disabilities and assess work ability
  • occasionally in connection with long-term illnesses

Key perspectives of statutory health checks are

  • particular health risks inherent in the type of work
  • specific health requirements demanded by the type of work
  • safety aspects attached to specialist fields (e.g. transport)

Voluntary health checks include checks performed for specific age groups and for new employees. The content of voluntary health checks is planned in cooperation with the employer. The checks are performed by occupational health care nurses and physicians and occupational physiotherapists and psychologists. Appointments are made with the occupational health care nurse, who refers the customer where necessary to an occupational health care physician.

Health check objectives

The objectives of the health check are

  • to identify and influence the factors threatening work ability
  • to establish the employee’s state of health
  • to identify the risk factors for major ailments such as cardiovascular diseases
  • to gather confidential information on the employer’s living habits, job, working environment and working community
  • to offer individual advice and counselling

Our health checks pay special attention to the impact of work on the employee’s well-being. Advice and counselling is given on the basis of the information gathered to support the customer in the areas of well-being and health where such need arises. Where necessary, measures may also be targeted at working conditions. Here, too, the aim is to establish the customer’s state of health and provide the proper advice and counselling based on the confidential information given by the customer.

Health check benefits

The information provided by the health check is used to promote the employee’s health, and his or her working and functional capacity. The health check can serve as the first step in a permanent change in lifestyle, ultimately manifesting itself in increased well-being at work. Work ability and occupational safety problems, as well as health risk factors, can be addressed at an early stage. The health checks may also provide information at group level regarding problems in the work community, thus allowing early intervention.