Entrepreneur’s occupational health

Investing in your health is the most important investment you can make in your career. Your wellbeing is vital to the success and activities of your business, so remember to look after yourself.

Mehiläinen’s occupational health care services for entrepreneurs are specially designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. The services focused on health, wellbeing and ability to cope provide entrepreneurs with resources to maintain their energy levels at work and look after their work ability proactively.

Services of occupational health physicians and nurses

The annual fee of occupational health care services for entrepreneurs in 2021 is 185,10 € which grants you:

  • access the services of a designated occupational health physician and nurse
  • access to a discussion about your wellbeing, upon which your personal health plan is assessed
  • exemption from the administrative fees of appointments
  • invitations to periodical and follow-up examinations
  • direct Kela reimbursement in your invoice or a monthly prefilled Kela reimbursement application
  • subscriptions to newsletters and access to health guidance material

In addition, the agreement includes the use of the Mehiläinen Digital Clinic and remote services, subject to separate fees. Learn more about the Digital Clinic and how to use it .  

Entrepreneur’s occupational health care services support your health

Every three years, we will invite you to a health examination  (1h) and create a personal occupational health plan based on the examination for you. Upon performing the health examination, we will also update the action plan (0.5h, subject to a separate fee). A workplace survey must be conducted every five years in order for accessing the occupational health care services to be eligible for Kela reimbursement. The price of the health examination is 290€, and it is performed every three years in order to maintain the entrepreneur’s work ability. The first examination is performed when the agreement is concluded.

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Entrepreneur’s illnesses 

Variety of services

The entrepreneur’s occupational health care services include an extensive health care package that consists of, for example, surgical procedures, MRI scans, vaccinations and unlimited examinations. All health care services and examinations are charged according to their use.

In addition to the service package, entrepreneurs have access to a variety of wellbeing services:

  • The Firstbeat wellbeing analysis uses a heart rate variability analysis to monitor the physical and mental stress of work and recovering from the stress. The results can be applied in making changes to the work that causes stress and supporting recovering from the work.
  • The physical condition test is performed under the supervision of an occupational physiotherapist. The comprehensive test package includes body composition and mobility analyses, bicycle ergometer tests as well as balance and muscle strength tests. The follow-up plan created based on the results supports coping at work and provides additional energy in daily life.

Good to know and remember

Kela will reimburse up to 50–60% of the costs of occupational health care services used by entrepreneurs, provided that the basic workplace survey has been carried out. Learn more about the Kela reimbursement.  The reimbursement does not apply to occupational wellbeing services or the services of the extensive health care package. Entrepreneurs can give their consent for the direct reimbursement process, according to which Mehiläinen will only charge you the portion of the total sum of the invoice not covered by Kela’s reimbursement. Learn more about the Mehiläinen Working Life Services price list

We reserve the right to make changes to the price lists.

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