Are you looking for a way to take control of the sickness-related absences in your company?

Do you wish there would be 20% less sickness-related absences in your company? With our tools developed for the management and support of work ability, WorkAbilityCompass and Superior’s Compass, it is possible. The compasses are tools for interaction among the employees, superiors, HR administration, occupational health care, employee-pension insurance companies, and other stakeholders.

The WorkAbilityCompass aids in identifying and preventing risks in the ability to work. The service provides the HR administration employees with an easy way of identifying and monitoring the employees who are under a disability risk, and of working towards returning them to work.

The Superior’s Compass provides the superiors with alerts and directives on how to handle, for example, their employees’ repetitive sickness-related absences, and how to take action in various types of situations.

The compasses offer concrete economical benefits

The Example Company Ltd. has 500 employees. The company’s sick-leave percentage is 3.5%. This amounts to an annual average of 8.8 sickness-related absence days per person.
During a nine-month utilisation of the WorkAbilityCompass and Superior’s Compass, the short, medium-length and extended sickness-related absences in the Example Company decreased by 15%. After the follow-up period, the company’s sickness-related absences were equal to 7.5 days per person in a year. This means a total of 1.3 healthy working days more for the Example Company Ltd.D

uring a three-year follow-up period, the use of the WorkAbilityCompass provided even a 20% decrease in the sickness-related absences. This is equal to 880 healthy working days more per year.

According to the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), the cost of one sickness-related absence is €350.

How are the savings made?

The HR department, superiors and the occupational health care of the Example Company exercised the systematic monitoring of sickness-related absences, and the superiors reacted swiftly to the alarms and reminders provided by the compass tools. Information was also effectively shared between these stakeholders.

How do the sickness-related absences affect your business operations? Take a new course for your company!