At Mehiläinen, the work of mental health professionals is meaningful as they support customers with mental challenges. We focus heavily on providing low-threshold help and improving the effectiveness of mental health services. The work of mental health professionals with customers is supported by high-quality tools, equipment and support processes, further training and development opportunities along with close and constantly evolving cooperation between professionals.

At Mehiläinen, you can work in different positions according to your skills and interests. We have diverse employment opportunities for psychologists, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals. For psychologists, we offer work as an occupational psychologist, for example. Psychotherapists can perform short-term therapies for working life services and private clients, as well as Kela-supported therapies. We can come up with a job description that's right for you.

With the merger of Psyykkisen hyvinvoinnin keskus Komppi and Psykologipalvelu Poiju Mehiläinen, we are one of the largest centres of psychological expertise in Finland.

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