OmaMehiläinen in occupational health care

The OmaMehiläinen service can be accessed for free online or via an app. You can view your personal health data and make an appointment at an occupational health care service provider or an outpatient clinic with OmaMehiläinen.

Features of the OmaMehiläinen service:

  • An occupational health view, in which you can access all occupational health care services and documents, details of your designated occupational health team, a communications channel, sick leave certificates and other forms.
  • The Digital Clinic, a service that is open 24/7 every day of the year (companies must agree on the activation of the service)
  • You can view all patient records entered in Mehiläinen directly with your phone. In addition, you are able to view all laboratory test results as well as imaging examination results and MRI and ultrasound scan results in the app.
  • Effortless prescription renewal regardless of your location
  • Booking an appointment or a placing a call request with the occupational health care service provider, if the company has activated online appointment booking.
  • You can also register at the clinic easily with your phone and check the room number and floor of your appointment. 
  • Personal treatment plan and digital coaching paths (companies must agree on the activation of the service)
  • Concern about my own mental health -chat – Remote appointment with a mood coach (companies must agree on the activation of the service)
  • AI-based symptom analysis
  • You can add the details of your child or another member of your family in the application and book appointments for them, renew their prescriptions and view their test results, etc.
  • The Mehiläinen Loyalty Programme and its benefits are available to you and your family as soon as you download the app. Claim all the great offers by showing the benefits on your phone.



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