Mehiläinen occupational health care for employees

Diverse occupational health service channels for employees

Mehiläinen Working Life Services’ diverse service channels make the use of occupational health care services quick and effortless. The multidisciplinary occupational health team makes it possible for you to always reach the right specialist for any symptoms or concerns related to your well-being.

Occupational health care service channels are always agreed on separately for each company

Mehiläinen offers occupational health care services throughout Finland, and you have access to a wide range of different service channels. We are here for you in all matters related to occupational health care and well-being.

Always follow the instructions given by your employer and, in case of doubt, contact Mehiläinen's customer service. You can also find information related to the use of the occupational health agreement and appointment bookings on the Occupational health tab of the OmaMehiläinen service .

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Digital Clinic Occupational Health Care Centre in OmaMehiläinen 24/7 – the primary service channel

The Digital Clinic Occupational Health Care Centre in the OmaMehiläinen app and online service is the primary service channel for occupational health care customers. You can use these services 24/7 without an appointment, anytime and anywhere, to get help with any health-related symptoms and concerns you may have.

  • The Digital Clinic Occupational Health Care Centre is open 24/7. Occupational health specialists are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Outside these hours, general practitioners and nurses are at your service.
  • Our services are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • Start using the service by selecting the topic of your concern.
  • Then you will be asked to answer the questions in the automated well-being survey.
  • Based on your answers, you will be directed to chat with the most suitable specialist.
  • If your case cannot be handled remotely, you will be directed to a clinic.

In addition: In non-urgent matters, you can send a message to a specialist in your occupational health team, and you will get a reply within 1–3 business days. The information you need for this is available from the Occupational health tab in OmaMehiläinen

OmaMehiläinen in occupational health care

Occupational health care appointment bookings

You can book an appointment with an occupational health specialist at Mehiläinen clinics or a remote appointment (telephone or video), as specified in your occupational health agreement. More information on the content of the agreement is available from the Occupational health tab in OmaMehiläinen, or from our customer service.

You can book an appointment as a remote appointment or at a clinic:

Book an appointment

Occupational accident

In the event of a occupational accident, report the accident to your immediate supervisor without delay. Seek treatment as soon as possible, because seeking treatment in the early phase makes it possible to better determine whether the incident and the condition are related. State that the complaint in question is an occupational accident and mention the insurance company, if you know which one it is.

  • Call our customer service on +358 (0)10 414 00 (0,084 €/min) (EUR 0.084/min)
  • We recommend that you make an appointment at your own occupational health care clinic, if possible.
  • In case of an emergency, call the emergency number 112.
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Employee’s well-being

Working life has changed drastically within the past few years. Work can occasionally extend into employees’ free time and digitalisation may transform the ways of working. Working life and its changes require employees to maintain their energy levels and adapt constantly, which may put a strain on well-being.

Today, occupational health care services have become comprehensive occupational well-being services alongside traditional medical care. Employers offer various services related to occupational health and well-being, but employees are recommended to take care of their energy levels and recovery comprehensively even in their own time outside work.

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