Mehiläinen as an Employer

Mehiläinen’s vision is to be the best place to work and to provide an encouraging and appreciative work atmosphere. Committed, happy and healthy employees form the foundation of all of the group’s services.

Our operations related to well-being at work are target-oriented with long-term goals. Every year, we examine matters that affect well-being at work, and work on themes arising from this examination. We encourage work communities to continuously improve their operations and to support their members in challenging situations from an early stage.


At Mehiläinen, we reward employees in various ways, such as through interesting work tasks, good management, development opportunities, personnel benefits, and financial rewards.

Each employee’s basic salary is determined on the basis of the demands of his or her work tasks and special factors related to special skills, and also includes an individual share. Since 2007, all employees have been eligible to receive bonus pay.

Quality of operations

Since spring 2005, Mehiläinen’s operations have been carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard to an extent that is unique in health care operations in Finland.

Environmental responsibility is a part of Mehiläinen’s quality management system, which is developed systematically. Mehiläinen has an ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which applies to all of Mehiläinen’s medical centres and hospitals.

Mehiläinen is a pioneer among private health care providers in the promotion of patients’ safety. To further improve and ensure the safety of patients, medical processes, too, are followed, evaluated, and developed in accordance with the quality management system. For example, we use HaiPro, a national reporting system for harmful events and close calls.