Each one of us Mehiläinen professionals is different. But one thing unites us all - we’re on a lifelong mission. If you feel the same way, come and work with us.

Expert and supervisor roles at Mehiläinen

At Mehiläinen, you will find a variety of inspiring job opportunities in expert and supervisor positions. You can grow into a top professional, such as an expert in our Group administration or as a social worker in child welfare. For therapists, we offer a wide range of tasks in our diverse social and healthcare services. Supervisor positions from team leaders to managers are available.

Take a look at Mehiläinen's unique story and our experts' career stories below. Could Mehiläinen be your new work community, too?

Story about people

When a group of doctors decided to establish Mehiläinen in 1909, their goal was to create better health and well-being for Finland. We Mehiläinen professionals are continuing the same work today. If you feel the same way, come and work with us.

Career stories of Mehiläinen employees

You can find all our career stories here.

Learn more about our wide range of expert roles

Top colleagues, a culture of doing and developing and a genuine opportunity for improvement—do you find these things that our colleagues value in Mehiläinen attractive as well? Read more below about the kinds of tasks we offer in Group administration and for therapists and supervisors.

If you cannot find a job with us right now, please leave your contact information or return soon: we recruit hundreds of new experts every year.

Expert roles in Group administration

In our Group administration, you will find fascinating tasks in, for example, brand work with our communications and marketing teams. For experts in financial management, we offer the possibilities of a large organisation in our financial unit.

In our HR management services, you are able to support the success of our personnel in tasks such as developing our HR systems, payroll accounting and personnel skills.

Interesting tasks for therapists

As a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist, you will be able to utilise and develop your skills with a wide range of tasks according to your interest. In our social care services, you can work with the elderly, mental health and substance abuse rehabilitees, the disabled and child welfare services. Therapist roles are also available in both our private and public healthcare services.

Interesting supervisor roles

Supervisors are needed throughout our large organisation. For example, you can act as a team leader in our care homes, as a service manager in our medical clinics, or as a Head of Unit in our services for the elderly. We support the development of supervisor skills through training—whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

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Working at Mehiläinen Group

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